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Auto Tune-Up in Everett

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Auto Tune-Up in Everett

Is it about time for an Auto Tune-Up? Even if your car is brand new, you need to make sure that you’re getting regular tune-ups in order to complete its care. After all, consider how many processes are running in the engine, and how many moving parts need to function perfectly. When you take your car in for an Auto Tune-Up in Everett, skilled technicians will inspect the engine, analyze vehicle performance, and make any adjustments as needed. A tune-up includes both preventative and restorative measures, and results in an engine that lasts longer and doesn’t run the risk of breaking down abruptly.

Included in an Auto Tune-Up

During a tune-up, your mechanic will inspect many different places of your vehicle including under the hood. Spark plugs will be checked for wear and damage, as well as performance. The color of the spark or the insulator firing nose can give a hint that the engine is not doing as well as would be preferable. Wires will be checked to make sure that they aren’t hard or cracked. The fuel filter is important for keeping fuel clear, and it will be checked for excess dirt or clogs, and replaced if something is found.

Fuel injectors are checked to make sure that dirt and other deposits aren’t restricting the fuel that is delivered to the engine. The mechanic also makes sure that fuel injector buildup isn’t affecting how sparks fire. The Electronic Management System, which keeps an eye on the engine and lets the owner know if there is something wrong with it, is also an important component to tune up and will be taken care of during maintenance. If anything is found damaged or need of replacement, we will let you know before anything us done.

Benefits of a Auto Tune-Up in Everett

Improved engine performance, better fuel economy, and a sense of security are all the pros of getting an Auto Tune-Up in Everett. If you want to get your car looked at, get in touch with Del Sol Auto Sales. In addition to providing specials on financing, we also offer great service, with deals that can get you discounts on your everyday maintenance, oil changes, or repairs.

You can schedule a service straight through our website, or use our Ask A Tech tool to help you with your own repair. You can contact us at 855-979-1922 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We work hard to give our customers in Everett, Lynnwood, Bellevue, Seattle, and beyond the great care—schedule an Auto Tune-Up in Everett today.

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