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Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett

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Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett

Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett are available for people who have struggled with subprime credit due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, or any other negative credit event. With a bit of care, even a candidate that has been turned away by other lenders will be able to find a reliable source of financing.

Bad Credit Car Loans 101

A credit score is considered subprime when it falls below 620, and poor when it falls below 550 (the maximum score is 850). Subprime and below will have trouble being accepted for loans, as lenders consider them a risk. There are many causes of a subprime credit score. One of the fastest ways to get subprime credit—and one of the most common—is to miss payments on any type of loans, whether they’re credit card bills, student loans, or car loans.

Over-utilizing your available credit is another cause for a poor score, since lenders look at what percentage of your credit line is being used. On the other hand, closing down your credit cards can also hurt you: a large portion of your credit score is how long your history runs, and closed accounts fall off your history sooner than open ones, even if they’re underutilized. Being smart with how you use your credit can keep you in good health. If your credit has already been damaged, then finding Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett will likely be your first priority.

Repairing Credit With Our Bad Credit Auto Loan in Everett

If you have subprime-to-bad credit, then you may worry about adding to it with another loan. However, taking out another loan can actually help you begin rebuilding. If you have no choice but to look for Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett, then you’ll need to plan well ahead to make sure that your payments are on time; late payments can damage you farther. By steadily making payments on your loan, even if it’s only a little bit at a time, you can begin to add new credit to your history—credit that shows you have turned over a new leaf and have been more punctual with your payments.

Del Sol Auto Sales can help you find Bad Credit Car Loans in Everett, even with a checkered credit passed. We offer a large array of used and one-owner vehicles, and can guarantee that we’ll find you the deal that works out best for you. Call us at 855-979-1890 for more information.

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