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Brake Service in Everett, WA

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Brake Service in Everett, WA

We at Del Sol Auto Sales invite you to bring your vehicle to us for Brake Service in Everett, WA. The importance of getting regular brake service cannot be overstated. If you cannot remember when last you scheduled brake service for your vehicle, then your vehicle may be overdue for it. We at Del Sol Auto Sales can offer you the brake service that your vehicle needs. We have experienced ASE-certified brake technicians who can perform brake service on virtually all types of vehicles.

Comprehensive Brake Service Options

We at Del Sol Auto Sales do our best to offer comprehensive Brake Service in Everett, WA. When you bring your vehicle to us, we first test drive the vehicle to check the functionality of its brake system: how responsive the brakes are, how hard you have to step on the brake pedal, etc. After doing the test drive, we then perform a comprehensive inspection of all the components of the brake system e.g. the brake calipers, brakes pads/shoes, brake rotors/drums, wheel cylinders, and brake fluid.

Our technicians then give a breakdown of their findings, giving an estimate of how much the brake service would cost. Upon your approval, our technicians commence on performing the brake service. One of the services that we offer when performing brake service is brake fluid replacement. For most vehicles, brake fluid should be replaced every 20,000 miles. We replace it with original fluid of manufacturer-recommended brands.

Another service that we perform is brake rotor resurfacing. We use the latest resurfacing equipment to restore the appropriate rotor surface texture. Our technicians also replace brake pads/shoes, fix faulty parking brakes, and bleed brake lines. They also clean and readjust the brake calipers to ensure the effective application of the brake pads. Our technicians also perform antilock brake system repair. They are able to assess the functionality of your vehicle’s ABS system sensors and replace them if necessary.

Get Brake Service Quick in Everett, WA

Our Brake Service in Everett, WA is also done quickly. Our technicians have been performing brake service for many years, so they know exactly what to do in every brake service scenario. With the test drive and the full inspection, they are able to immediately establish the components of your vehicle’s brake system that require attention. In addition, our technicians also perform this service as a team. This helps them to move faster. This teamwork also helps to ensure accuracy in their services.

We at Del Sol Auto Sales look forward to offering these services to you. We at times offer discounted brake service, so you stand a chance of saving a lot of money when you bring your vehicle to us. We are located at 13304 Highway 99, Everett, WA 98204.

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