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No Credit Car Loans in Everett

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No Credit Car Loans in Everett

If you’re just out of college, or buying your first car, you may have found that getting No Credit Car Loans in Everett is harder than you anticipated. Though you haven’t done anything to actively damage your credit, you’re still being turned away by lenders—what gives?

The fact of the matter is, no credit can be almost as damaging as bad credit. While you haven’t shown yourself to be unreliable, there’s also the converse problem of you also not having a record of being a reliable lender, either. It’s a dilemma, but one that can be solved with the help of one of many dealerships that specialize in loaning to people with no credit or poor credit.

Tips of When You Need No Credit Car Loans

While any lender will be wary with you, and you’re likely to face a higher interest rate as insurance, you can get approved for No Credit Car Loans in Everett by showing that you have the means and the willingness to pay your loan. One of the most visible ways to do this is to put a large down payment on the car you’re planning to buy. Something as high as 20% can grab the lender’s attention; and that will also be less money that you will need to pay interest on. However, not everybody can immediately put that kind of money down; in that case, bring records of your bank statements and your pay stubs. A steady income will work in your favor, because it shows that you’re ready to pay your loan every month.

Build Credit With Our No Credit Loans in Everett

Our No Credit Car Loans in Everett can build up your credit as long as you’re making payments, but what else can you do in the meantime? Loans of different types are some of the best ways to build up a score. Take out a credit card or two (there are special low-limit credit cards for people with no credit), and be sure to use them throughout the month. Don’t use too much—lenders check how much of your available credit is in use and penalize you for having too high of a balance—but using 30% and making payments every month will set you on the right track, especially if you’re paying your monthly credit card bills in full.

For more information about building credit, or for rates on No Credit Car Loans in Everett, call Del Sol Auto Sales at 855-979-1890. You can also give us a visit at 13304 Highway 99 in Everett, WA 98204. We look forward to getting you back on the road again.

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