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Used Auto Tune-Up in Everett

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Used Auto Tune-Up in Everett

If you have a pre-owned vehicle that is in need of a tune-up, then we at Del Sol Auto Sales invite you to check out our available Used Auto Tune-Up in Everett service. Our skilled technicians are trained well, and we are in constant contact with the manufacturer to ensure that your car, truck or SUV is in good shape.

Thorough Used Auto Tune-Up

We pore over every detail of your engine when you choose us. Tune-ups vary by the make and model, but for the most part, it entails checking the spark plugs, the air-fuel mixture, the ignition and emissions systems, and the O2 sensors. We then check the idle and the overall engine timing to make sure that all systems are in working order.

When you choose us for a Used Auto Tune-Up in Everett, you will note that we take a look at your belts, hoses, and major fluid levels. No stone is left unturned, and we always go the extra mile at our friendly establishment. Our staff is well-versed in many vehicles, and we have only the best diagnostic equipment. What’s more, we keep in regular contact with you throughout the tune-up procedure; you are never left in the dark and there are never any unpleasant surprises.

Advantages to Our Auto Tune-Up in Everett

We are skilled with working on all sorts of vehicles, and we don’t carry any substandard equipment. Our parts are genuine, and we always take the time to do the job right. Our staff understands that you only want the best for your vehicle, and when you go with us for a Used Auto Tune-Up in Everett you will always be in good hands.

Even if you aren’t sure of the service that you need, we have you covered. For instance, some cars recommend a tune-up every 100,000 miles, while other manufacturers may let you go longer. We have expertise in just about all the major automakers, and regardless of what you drive, you will find our service center to be top-notch.

We can be reached by phone at 855-979-1890, and our address is 13304 Highway 99 in Everett, WA. Our service center is open every day of the week except Sunday, and our hours are convenient. Customer service is our priority, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to earn your pre-owned vehicle maintenance business for years to come.

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