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Used Dodge in Everett

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Used Dodge in Everett

Come to Del Sol Auto Sales for a Used Dodge in Everett. We at Del Sol Auto Sales know that the people of Everett like Dodge vehicles so we strive to maintain a healthy collection of Dodge vehicles of all types. Dodge vehicles are known for their low maintenance costs. Their parts are affordable and they also last long, so you cannot go wrong with a Dodge vehicle.

Capabilities of a Used Dodge Model

One Used Dodge in Everett that you can get at Del Sol Auto Sales is the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. The Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the longest-running minivan nameplates on the American auto market, so it is a minivan that you can trust to offer you good value for money. The Dodge Grand Caravan offers a large cabin that can seat up to seven people, and all its models offer adequate seating space for adults in all three rows.

The interior of the Dodge Grand Caravan may have high quality cloth or leather upholstery, and depending on the model, this minivan might also have a variety of desirable interior features like power-adjustable front seats, automatic temperature control systems, and infotainment systems that display on center console touchscreens.

The Dodge Grand Caravan also offers a great deal of cargo space. It might have over 30 cubic feet of cargo space at the back, which is more than sufficient for the daily cargo needs of most people. This minivan also allows you to fold down the 2nd and 3rd-row seats in those times when you need even more cargo space. When their 2nd and 3rd-row seats are folded down, most models of the Dodge Grand Caravan may offer over 140 cubic feet of cargo space.

Power of Used Dodge Models in Everett

Another Used Dodge in Everett that you are also likely to get at Del Sol Auto Sales is the Dodge Ram 1500. The ½-ton Dodge Ram 1500 is a strong, dependable large truck that can take on different roles. Its full-length, fully boxed steel frame and its thick, reinforced body give it the sturdiness it requires to handle serious hauling and towing tasks. Many businesses and companies around the country have invested in Dodge Ram 1500 trucks for their fleet work and they have not been disappointed.

The Dodge Ram 1500 can also be used for recreational driving, something that is hard to find in large trucks. The Dodge Ram 1500 also offers a comfortable interior with abundant seating space and well-appointed seats. Under the hood, the Dodge Ram 1500 may feature powerful V6 or V8 engines.

There are many other used Dodge vehicles that you can get at Del Sol Auto Sales. Come and check them out. We are located at 13304 Highway 99, Everett, WA 98204, and you can also reach us at 888-746-5621. We at Del Sol Auto Sales are offering these used Dodge vehicles are very reasonable prices. 

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